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Note - This is not an Opera New Brunswick Web Site. I was fortunate enough to be invited to take some photos for  advertising/promotion and to shoot the Tech & Dress Rehearsals.
I am glad to be able to share many of these pictures with you via this web site.  Enjoy.  Gordon

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From the promo photo shoot


                                  The Poster Produced by Revolution                  Program  Cover



The Tech Rehearsal











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Violetta Valery  -  Sally Dibblee

Alfredo Germont  -  Marc Hervieux

Giorgio Germont  -  John Avey

Flora Bervoix  -  Janna Pardy

Annina  -  Marcia Swanton

Gastone  -  Cian Horrobin

Baron Duophol  -  Paul Bustin

Marquis D'Obligny  -  Jeff Putnam

Doctor Grenvil  -  Tom Goud

Guiseppe  -  Josh Brittain

Fllora's servant  -  Victor Kindred


Creative Team

Conductor  -  Guiseppe Pietraola

Director  -  Tom Diamond

Lighting Designer  -  Pierre Lavoie

Stage Manager  -  Isolde Pleasants-Faulkner

Assistant Stage Managers  -  Joanna Barrotta  -  Gerry Egan

Costume Designer  -  Brenda McLeese

Production Manager  -  Dean Roberts

Exexutive Director  -  Christopher Lane

Chorus Master  -  Spencer Belyea

Rehersal Pianist  -  Nicole Bellamy

Chorus Rehearsal Pianist  -  Claire Driscole

Choreographer  -  Andrea Scott

Properties  -  Wes Jagoe

Props Assistant  -  Mary Coollier Fleet

Set Designer  -  Robert Little

Set Courtesy of Tri-Cities Opera Company ,Inc

Surtitles Producer Gunta Dreifelds

Surtitles Operator  -  Alan Edwards

Chorus and orchestra

Many  Volunteers

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